Volunteer Opportunities&Potential Jobs



 REMbassadors&FUNdRaisers work to Create&Build Alliances with People, Businesses and Organizations. As Well as Inspire Them to Donate. FUNdRaisers Receive 10% of Funds Donated...Transactions to Be Recorded Via Live Video. (FUNdRaising Details&Tips to be Discussed via FUNdRaising Orientation) 

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McDonald Family LoveFoundation&Bank


 As The Real Education Matter Treasurer You&Your Super Team Will Oversee Creating and Maintaining of Bentley Bucks, Fundraising and The Real Education Matters Services Budget. 

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Historian/Scribe aka Secretary+SideKicks


As Our Scribe&Lead Secretary+SideKick, you will help ensure that REM runs smoothly and efficiently. You are responsible for scheduling appointments/meetings and sending out meeting agendas....Other secretarial responsibilities will include Clear&Concise note taking, proof reading, organizing Plus maintaining files, supplies, and equipment.

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REM TV Opportunities


 REM TV is the central place where our journalists—reporters, editors, and producers, along with other staffs and Camera Crews—work to gather news to be published Online, in REM Magazines and on REMs FB Page Plus Website. 

We Are Currently in Search of Reliable Camera Teams&Student VideoGraphers. 

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Drivers4Community Reviews+Sports



Have a Fun&Productive Day as One of REMs Dream Team Mystery Machine Drivers&Escorts as We Search4&Create REM TV Community News...


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Graphic Designers


Do You Have or Love Creating Digital Media and Flyers, If So Contact Us today We Need and Want to Work With You on Inspiring and Helping Our Community and City Be Amazing.

Share Your Graphic Design Skills and Creativity That Can Help Enhance&Improve Our Community, Education&Students